Whitefly Treatments

Whitefly Treatments

Whitefly Treatments

Palm trees and Ficus are an important part of the landscape of many homes and businesses in Florida. One of the most common threats to the life of your palm tree or Ficus is the whitefly. White flies feed by tapping into the phloem (the vascular tissue through which food is distributed in a plant) of leaves and sucking out the sap. This process causing the plant leaves to lose essential juices and nutrients. Leaves will begin to turn yellow, dry out and eventually drop off the plant.

Whiteflies are not just harmful to your trees and plant life. The effects of whiteflies can be felt by your pool. White flies excrete honeydew which causes an unsightly black sooty mold to grow on leaves. The black sooty mold can clog the pump of your pool resulting in hundreds of dollars of damage to your pool. Honeydew also attracts ants which can lead to ant infestations on the outside and inside of your home or business. At Fairell we are trained in the latest technologies to tackle and eliminate white flies.


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