Wood Boring Beetle Protection

Your home is an appealing target for wood-boring beetles. Old house borers, powder post beetles and deathwatch beetles can cause severe damage to your home, furniture and belongings. Beetles work within the wood, out of sight from homeowners, often going undetected. Modern offers several types of treatment plans to protect your home from the damage caused by wood-boring insects.

The FAIRELL Solution

FAIRELL wood boring treatment program starts with a thorough inspection of your home, which includes a survey that details current activity and damage caused by wood-boring insects. Determining the extent of damage is the first step in developing a treatment approach. Factors such as climate, type of construction and age of your home are all considered when creating a customized approach for treatment. Fumigation is sometimes the only way to completely eradicate a wood-boring beetle infestation. When infestations are widespread and fumigation is needed, FAIRELL utilizes a thoroughly tested, carefully controlled means of dispersing fumigant inside your home. The fumigant penetrates all structural wood timbers, trim, finished wood and furniture. While both fumigation and spraying are highly successful treatments, the results don’t last forever. This means your wood-destroying beetles may be back. If they do return, we will come back at no extra charge whenever you need us, as long as you meet the terms of your plan.

The FAIRELL Guarantee

FAIRELL provides you with the most thorough treatment available for wood-boring beetle control – Satisfaction Guaranteed or Your Money Back.

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